Day 17: The 300 Challenge


For Day 17 of the Pinterest Project, I have decided to do the 300 challenge! This will be the first activity I have done from ‘Fitness’ board on Pinterest, so I am quite excited about it. Although I’m a little sore from running yesterday, the 300 challenge will be a good workout for my abs!

According to the blog, “2012…my last fat year” this workout is only supposed to take 15 minutes to do and once you are finished, you will have done 300 crunches.  Click on the blog link to get descriptions for each of the crunches. Also, do these crunches on a yoga mat because otherwise your tailbone will hurt.

The 300 Challenge

  • 25 in-n-outs
  • 25 bicycles
  • 25 reverse bicycles
  • 25 crunchy frog
  • 25 cross-leg/wide-leg sit ups
  • 25 scissors
  • 25 hip butt-ups
  • 25 heels to heaven
  • 25 roll-up v-ups
  • 25 leg climbers
  • 50 kayakers

All I can say is WOW! This was killer on my abs. I could definitely feel by abs burning the entire time and having sore legs from running didn’t help either. If you can stick to this workout a few times a week, then you’re definitely going to have some rock hard abs. Hopefully I can add this into my work out regimine a few times a week! Wish me luck!


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