New Year, New Attitude, New Blog


After much deliberation, I have decided to start a new blog to chronicle my life, thoughts and feelings. Many have asked me why I stopped blogging after my summer in Israel and the answer is simple: that blog was specifically created for that trip. Hopefully this blog will satisfy the needs of those curious about the life of Julie Brooke. Also, this should offer as much excitement and randomness as its predecessor and no, this isn’t a DIY blog even though I am addicted to pinterest. As much as I wish this could be, the reality is I don’t have enough time to make projects and cook non-stop and then blog about it. But trust me, if I  eat or make something amazing, you’ll know!

As far as the new attitude goes, I’m convinced that since moving to New York almost 6 months ago, that I have become somewhat of a pessimist. It must go along with the territory. A vast majority of people up here are debbie-downers and complainers…hardcore complainers. Everything is a complaint…it’s too hot, too cold, there’s too many people on the subway, too many tourists in the streets, etc…you get the picture!  So, with the new year, I am determined to be that neverending optimist again! Time flies too quickly to always be complaining.

So, here’s my toast for 2012: May this year challenge me mentally and physically, teach me humility, the true meaning of grace and help me grow spiritually, so Happy New Year! Bring it on 2012.


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